Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered


Oberoi Consulting is a leading provider of clinical audit services, technology, consultancy and clinical systems training services. Our clients include GP Practices, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Private Healthcare Providers, Pharmacy Groups and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Support & Consult – Understanding the Issues and Problems

Having nurtured lasting relationships, here at Oberoi we understand the individual needs of our clients; allowing us to highlight and fulfil the unique requirements of each project, whilst driving and accelerating the implementation of guidelines and pathways.

By aligning ourselves with our clients (both Pharma and NHS) we provide a high level of support and co-operation to identify and solve the problem.

Through a series of auditing services the resulting data allows us to fully understand, and interpret, the scale of the problem and inform commissioning decisions.

The analysis conducted allows us to support, advise and consult whilst “enjoying” what we do, supporting each other and enhancing reputations

Experienced & Professional

With over 10 years experience of exceeding client expectations we deliver tailored bespoke solutions to meet client needs, at the same time ensuring good communication is at the heart of what we do and how we operate.

Our commitment and professionalism is driven by our passion to support and consult. We are well-respected, trusted and valued for the projects we manage, the quality we deliver and the flexible approach we adopt.

Our programmes, tools and specialist workforce allow us to provide unrivalled expertise to deliver our tailored solutions, assisting our clients to achieve their healthcare targets, whilst improving efficiencies, reducing costs and improving patient healthcare.

Challenging & Knowledgeable - Solution Implementation

Constantly inspired to challenge both market and industry perceptions, we ensure knowledge gained is communicated effectively to drive through the implementation phase of the auditing services and deliver change in clinical practice.

Through qualitative research and a willingness to listen and discuss, we create and deliver solutions that challenge, compete and ultimately prove successful for our clients. 

All our programmes are supported by case studies that demonstrate the impact of our work.

For further details of any of our services, feel free to contact us.

10 Years of Service to the Healthcare Sector

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We are interested in hearing from talented and self-motivated people with experience of using the major clinical systems (EMIS, Vision, iSOFT, etc) in general practice.
To register your interest please contact us.