PharmaTimes: 60 Seconds with Sharon Wall, Regional Account Manager, Oberoi Consulting

Clinical Audit & the Benefits of Oberoi Consulting Can Bring to Your Brands

With over 15 years of experience in innovative clinical audit delivery Oberoi is ideally positioned to design and deliver data analysis projects.

Automated real time data extraction and analysis service is available for large scale projects requiring real-time patient based data and tracking.

How have Pharma used Oberoi Consulting in the pre-launch phase to collect market research data?

Audit has been used to help Pharma understand, identify and help shape post launch marketing strategies.

How Has Clinical audit been used to support GPs CPD & Revalidation?

Our audit programmes enable clinicians to claim points for their personal CPD and evidence improvements made in patient care for revalidation.

Baseline audit is used in combination with classroom training; allowing delegates to share gaps and learn from best practice.

Post training re-audit is conducted to measure the success of the training and education.

How has clinical audit been used in the Service Redesign Process?

Combining primary and secondary care data, Oberoi supported a CCG business case for the provision of a new local urology service.

The baseline data showed very clearly the rate of DNAs due to travelling distances for patients.

Oberoi were able to integrate data from various data sources to allow in-depth analysis.

Using the outputs of the audit for the business case, patients' local service provision was set up.

This was a key objective of the audit work undertaken.

How can Clinical Audit support practices in implementing the latest clinical guidelines for treatment?

Audits are designed in line with latest clinical guidelines, ensuring quick and easy identification of patients that fall outside of guidance.

Our services act as a catalyst to speed up implementation of guidelines.

Design of audit and process of implementation is key in ensuring success.

Understanding how tools integral to clinical systems can support consistent data entry by clinicians and trigger specific care pathways for patients are a vital part of this process.

How can Clinical Audit be used to engage the NHS and create access?

Delivering flexible and adaptable solutions around specific local QIPP priorities ensures our Pharma clients can engage and access NHS key stakeholders.

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