PharmaTimes: Oberoi Consulting’s Patient-centred Solutions are Designed to Meet the Needs of Pharma and the NHS

Clinical audit has been the cornerstone of Oberoi Consulting’s service for the past 13 years. How has the delivery of this service evolved?

As GP clinical systems have become more sophisticated, Oberoi has kept abreast of changes and is now able to deliver both remote and on-site solutions, making this cost effective for clients.

Clinicians and practices can be de-briefed on the key findings via a phone call and web platform to support clinicians in identifying patients for review; facilitating practice action plans to address gaps in clinical management; and driving real change in the process.

Oberoi can provide contracted or ad-hoc IT specialists, specialist nurses and pharmacists, thereby matching the needs of each project with an appropriate skill base.

Clinical Audits by Oberoi Consulting
Oberoi Consulting’s patient-centred solutions are designed to meet the needs of pharma and the NHS

How does clinical audit support the NHS and Pharma?

Clinical audit provides baseline information that is imperative to planning and gap analysis, whether this is for a CCG looking at changing care pathways, or for a Medicines Management Team looking at reducing prescribing costs or optimising medicines management.

Our clinical audit solutions are based on national/local guidelines and identify patients who are not being treated according to the guidelines or not meeting specified targets, so resulting in a baseline plan.

This plan enables healthcare professionals to target their efforts on those patients where management can be improved.

Clinical audit supports improvement and change in treatment pathways, ultimately improving patient outcomes

How does clinical audit improve patient care?

Clinical audit is absolutely critical in continually driving and improving standards of care.

The process should never be a one-off but cyclical, repeated routinely to measure the impact of change.

Oberoi has many case studies demonstrating clear outcomes of the audit process.

Why is Oberoi Consulting the perfect partner for the NHS and Pharma?

Our passion, expertise, and people ensure we deliver cost effective solutions that deliver on outcomes for our growing client base.

Our ultra-focused team designs patient-centred solutions to meet the needs of pharma and the NHS.

And our people come from various backgrounds, both clinical and non-clinical, ranging from clinical system specialists, IT programmers – for both web and app solutions – health informatics specialists, market researchers, telesales, nurses, pharmacists and people with an extensive range of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, who really understand the challenges the sector faces.

Recently we have added graphics teams to design materials for client campaigns.

Our network of NHS key opinion leaders is the icing on the cake.

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