Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG

The 4th generation Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG is FDA Cleared, CE marked and is the most clinically proven mobile ECG monitor on the market. It is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people around the world for accurate electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings.

The Product:

  • Tried, tested, true: get accurate electrocardiogram (ECG) readings from your smartphone or tablet
  • FDA cleared, CE marked: clinically proven, used by leading cardiologists
  • Unlimited storage: free unlimited ECG recordings and a free assessment of your first ECG recording by a U.S. board-certified cardiologist (assessment for US only)
  • Instant analysis: Kardia AliveCor Instant Analysis tells your when your ECG is normal and detects atrial fibrillation (AF) in your ECG
  • Simple and easy: one-time setup and activation

How Health Care Professionals are using the Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG in Practice

  • Screen at-risk patients in 30 seconds as part of their health check
  • Enable symptomatic patients with a diagnosed or undiagnosed arrhythmia to capture and share ECGs between appointments
  • Encourage self-care by patients with known AF using daily tracking of medications, symptoms, activities and lifestyle factors
  • Remotely follow-up with patients in the community, including those post AF ablation

Validated and Accurate

Clinical studies have demonstrated the Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG’s accuracy to be comparable to readings from lead 1 of standard ECG machines.*

* Paul Garabelli et al. “Accuracy and novelty of an inexpensive iPhone-based event recorder.” Heart Rhythm 2012.

Easy to Use

Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG being heldJust hold the Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG in the hands, or on the chest, for 30 seconds to measure the patient’s electrical activity anytime, anywhere - no probes or wires necessary.

The Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG will wirelessly communicate with the free AliveECG app to let you know if the ECG is normal or if atrial fibrillation (AF) is detected.

Once the reading is complete, you can edit the patient to record patient details (ID, Name etc.).

There is also a facility for the patient to record a voice message which is automatically transposed and attached to the reading. This could be used to record how the patient is feeling at the time.

Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG showing results screensYou can easily share your ECG recordings with colleagues or refer into your local Cardiology care pathway.

At the time of recording symptoms (like palpitations and shortness of breath), habits (like caffeine or alcohol consumption), and activities (like exercise or sleep), can be recorded to get a better understanding of what may be impacting the patient’s heart health.

Works with Apple iOS and most Android smartphones and tablets.

Requires download of the free AliveECG app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Products Available:

Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG iPhone 6 casesKardia AliveCor Mobile ECG with iPhone 6/6s Case

Includes durable, impact resistant snap-on case to hold your Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG in place next to your iPhone 6/6s.

Cost: £115 (incl. VAT) (including the case)

Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG iPhone 5 casesKardia AliveCor Mobile ECG with iPhone 5/5s Case

Includes durable, impact resistant snap-on case to hold your Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG in place next to your iPhone 5/5s.

Cost: £111 (incl. VAT) (including the case)

Attachment Plate for Android and AppleUniversal Bundle

Attachment Plate for Android / Apple and Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG Device.

Cost: £99 (incl. VAT)

Kardia AliveCor Provider Dashboard


ECG Readings taken on your device are automatically uploaded, to your Kardia AliveCor Patient Dashboard, for review.

Kardia AliveCor Patient Dashboard

Individual ECG readings can be opened and reviewed from this screen.

Individual ECG readings screen

There is also an option to view the ECG in pdf format.  The pdf document can be saved into the patient medical record, emailed to a colleague or referred to a Cardiologist for further analysis.

Patient Management

Request ECG Access screenIf you are planning to loan the Kardia AliveCor Mobile ECG Device to individual patients, you can use the Patient Management section of the Provider Dashboard to collect data remotely.

Send an email to the patient inviting them to link to your dashboard.

NB: Make sure that you use the email address the patient has linked to their Kardia AliveCor Account.

Each time they take a reading, you will be notified.

Once the invitation is accepted, the next reading they take will appear in the Patients section of the Provider Dashboard.

Patients section of the Provider Dashboard

Notes and/or voice recordings made by the patient will be attached to the ECG, which can be opened and reviewed as in the Journal section.