Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Automated Clinical Audit

Oberoi can provide automated audit tools that are designed to allow CCGs and other PCOs to carry out clinical audit across a number of GP practices - even if they are using different clinical systems. Local, easy to use formats in csv format can be made available for GP practices to use.

Benefits to the CCG

The tools allow a CCG to audit almost any data stored on a GP clinical system, quickly and efficiently.

Multiple audits can be run overnight with fully anonymised and amalgamated reports ready to be studied the following day. The management reporting power provided by such an audit will allow a CCG to more accurately judge local resource needs and will contribute enormously to public health understanding.


The process is tried and tested, and working across several CCGs and GP practices.

The service is designed to cause minimal disruption to a practice. Oberoi works in conjunction with the practice to run automated reports on the practice clinical system. The software, a proven solution for practice clinical audit and analysis, is integrated into the clinical system database.

The queries are run overnight, out of working hours, so do not affect the day to day operation of the practice. Where the project requires it, and the appropriate consents are gained, statistical data can be transmitted from the practice to the CCG.

All data is strongly encrypted (a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, Triple DES and RSA 1024) before transmission and utilises public & private key pairs unique to this service.

The above encryption exceeds that required by CfH and no data is transmitted off site until the relevant consents are signed as required. No data extracted is used for any purpose/project other than that detailed within the Data Processing Agreements with the practice.

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