Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Case Studies

Oberoi Consulting has worked on many programmes and projects, some of which are captured in the case studies below:

Analysis of Primary and Secondary Data to Support a Business Case for Local Service Provision

Oberoi worked with Clinical Commissioning Groups to analyse data across Primary and Secondary Care to support a business case for a new local service for urology patients.

Click here to view the Data Analysis Case Study

Long Terms Conditions Planning

Oberoi worked with Weybridge NHS, to extract data and determine the number of patients on multiple disease registers, to allow more effective and structured planning for individual patients

Click here to view the Long Terms Conditions Case Study

Immunisation Uptake

Following the outbreak of measles and mumps Oberoi, along with Improving Health consultancy, worked with Redbridge PCT to programme manage, design and deliver audit and technology to improve the uptake of childhood immunisations.

Click here to view the Immunisation Case Study

COPD and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

In October 2007 NHS Wales published their service development and commissioning directives for chronic respiratory conditions. In order to develop their local services in line with the recommendations contained in the directive, a Welsh LHB identified 3 GP Surgeries to take part in a clinical audit programme in COPD designed and implemented by Oberoi Consulting.

Click here to view the COPD Case Study

Medicines Management Team Training

Oberoi Consulting have 10 years of experience in designing and delivering clinical audit programmes thereby making us perfectly placed to deliver clinical systems training to Medicines Management teams.

Some of the PCTs that have benefited from the training are Norfolk PCT, Kingston PCT, Manchester PCT, East Lancashire PCT, Bolton PCT, Havering PCT, Walsall Teaching PCT, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, North Staffs PCT and Nottingham PCT.

Click here to view the Medicines Management Training Case Study

Joint Working Programmes – Bringing Together CCGs and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Oberoi Consulting have worked with CCGs and the Pharmaceutical Industry on Joint Working Programmes. An example of which can be found at:

Click here to view the "Better Balance Better Bones" Evaluation Report

Video: Full Interview

Shirley Smith - Clinical Audits and Systems Training

Shirley Smith - Assistant Director of Joint Commissioning NHS Nottingham City CCG

Digital Pen and Paper

Oberoi has designed and delivered various Digital Pen and Paper programmes, both for the NHS and non-NHS customers.

This case study examines the use of digital pen and paper in a clinical environment

Click here to read a Clinical Digital Pen and Paper Case Study

The case study link below is for a locally based pest control company.

Click here to view the Digital Pen and Paper Case Study (Conquer)

Disease Register Validation – United League Commissioning

Oberoi Consulting were commissioned by United League Commissioning to complete the Disease Register Validation service in the 13 practices across the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Click here to view the Clinical Commissioning Group DRV Case Study