Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Reflotron - Creatine Kinase Testing

Testing of Athletes and Sports Teams to Prevent Muscle Damage and Enhance Recovery

During the process of muscle degeneration, muscle cells break open and their contents find their way into the bloodstream. As most of the Creatine Kinase (CK) in the body normally exists in muscle, a rise in the amount of CK in the blood indicates that muscle damage has occurred.

Reflotron Plus Creatine Kinase Testing EquipmentStrenuous exercise induces muscle damage and triggers a rise in CK levels. CK peak and baseline levels vary according to the individual and the sport undertaken.

Those with muscle damage typically experience chronically elevated levels of CK, which can peak up to 48 hours after competition, and remain elevated for several days before returning to baseline.

The measurement of CK, as part of a recovery testing protocol, is therefore vital as a marker for muscle damage and in individualising recovery strategies.

Used and trusted by many of the leading sporting organizations in the UK, the Reflotron System precisely measures CK levels and accurately identifies the occurrence of muscle damage in elite athletes.

Simple, quick and easy to use, the Reflotron System aids sports scientists in building an overall picture of an athlete's immediate health, and in monitoring recovery processes, so that post match strategies can be effectively planned towards better recovery and future preparation.

With its unique CK testing capabilities, the Reflotron System also plays a crucial role in monitoring progress and improvement of injured athletes during rehabilitation programmes, and vastly improves the sports injury management process.

Current users of the Reflotron System include the British Olympic Rowing team, Northampton Saints RFC, Liverpool FC, Rangers FC, Fulham FC, Manchester City FC, the British Olympic Canoeing Team and the British Olympic Fencing Team.

Commenting on how the Reflotron System performs, Adam Lee Owen, Sports Scientist at Rangers FC says: "We have used the Reflotron Plus to supplement our recovery structure and focus on specific strategies in order to maximize our players' recovery, within season, for the last 3 seasons. This machine is now seen as a fundamental tool to our recovery and preparation strategies used within Rangers Football Club. With the number of fixtures and higher demands placed on our players throughout the competitive season, it's of paramount importance we know exactly what demands and damage our players are exposed to."

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