Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Digital Paper and Pen

With proven and growing success in the NHS in mental health, acute and primary care settings, digital Pen and Paper technology is a powerful tool delivering significant benefits to health services nationwide. Aligned with the QIPP agenda, this innovative solution enables considerable efficiency gains and quality improvements; by automatically capturing handwritten information on paper and converting into a digital format, the need to manually type notes is completely eliminated.

The data collection tool can be incorporated into existing data capture processes within any service with a need to record contact information in a mobile setting. If a larger programme of work is desired, a process redesign incorporating digital pen technology can be facilitated by our team, drawing on our cumulative years of NHS experience.

Benefits that are typically realised by Trusts implementing digital pen and paper technology include:

  • Improvement in quality of care - more time is spent on service user care and less on unnecessary admin
  • Improvement in data quality - information accurately captured at source
  • Increase in accurate payment by results - contact can be recorded and coded straight away
  • Saving in time and money - due to reduction in admin and duplicated effort
  • Minimal business change - workflow is improved without changing the way in which people currently work

These benefits can be appreciated through a pilot scheme for as few as 10 users allowing a low risk, easily procured, opportunity to explore a service improvement opportunity in a controlled environment.

Oberoi has designed and delivered various Digital Pen and Paper programmes, both for the NHS and non-NHS customers.

A sample case study of the use of digital pen and paper in a clinical environment can be found here.

This Case Study is for a locally based pest control company, and shows just one of the many innovative uses already underway for this ground-breaking technology.

For further information on how the Digital Pen solution can be configured to meet your requirements, please contact us.