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We can partner with you to deliver clinical audits and patient reviews at a primary care level, as part of a Medical Education Goods and Services agreement (MEGS) or Joint Working Agreement.

This allows Healthcare Organisations to adhere to their treatment pathways vs. guidelines, and implement best practice to improve patient outcomes.

We have the contacts and experience necessary to introduce your expertise to the NHS and then manage the audit and implementation process.

We identify priority patients for review and highlight potential gaps in clinical management.

Our action planning template informs and supports clinicians to take action.

Our reporting allows the Healthcare Organisation to measure progress vs.key performance indicators and track implementation vs. the objectives.

By helping Healthcare Organisations to help their patients in this way, you benefit from increased brand usage of appropriate medicines and devices and an enhanced reputation.

In turn, this gives you better access to key NHS decision makers and influencers.

We are able, where required to offer a tailored clinical resource to support the review of patients.

This support is available on request.

An Example of a Medical Education Goods and Services (MEGS) Project

Case Study

Optimising the Management of Heart Failure in Darlington

In partnership with pharmaceutical company Servier, we supported Darlington CCG to optimise treatment for patients with heart failure (HF).

Enhance HF - a service provided by Servier and developed and delivered by Oberoi Consulting assists CCGs to implement local and national heart failure guideline.

The audit identified patients who needed read codes reassigning along with patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD) codes who did not appear on HF registers.

Patients who did not have either HF or LVSD coding, but whose medical history suggested may be appropriate for inclusion on one or both registers were also part of the audit.

Once the registers were updated, the optimisation process started.


  • A 38.7% increase of patients with an HF diagnosis; from 1,017 to 1,411 patients.
  • A 58.9% increase of patients with an LVSD diagnosis; from 743 to 1,181 patients.
  • The LVSD : HF ratio increased from 0.73 to 0.84
  • All practices showed an increase in prevalence and the associated QOF point value, with a total QOF domain income increase of £95,850 across the 11 practices.
  • A number of patients were optimised to triple therapy, as per the NICE guidelines.

Ultimately, the audit process led to improved care for hundreds of patients.

Clinicians were up skilled and mentored through provision of an Oberoi Heart Failure Nurse Advisor.

Anne Williams (RGN, BSc, MHSc) supported the implementation of the disease register validation, worked with the lead clinician to assess where improvements could be introduced and assisted with the development of a prioritised action plan.

Practices across Darlington CCG have since been provided with their own data sets to continue the optimisation process.

Enhance HF was also successfully implemented across Bradford Districts CCG, as shown in the video below.

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Enhance HF Project Video

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Kavita Oberoi OBE & Dr Matthew Fay discuss the "Enhance HF: Optimisation of Medicine in Heart Failure" for Servier.

To read more on the project, in an article as it appeared in the Primary Care Cardiac Journal, please click here

An Example of a Joint Working Project

Case Study

Building Better Bones in Nottingham Through a Joint Working Agreement

Nottingham’s City Central PBC Group requested Oberoi Consulting's help in reducing the number of hospital admissions for fall-related fractures.

Through a Joint Working Agreement involving three pharmaceutical companies - GlaxoSmithKline UK, ProStrakan Ltd and Shire Pharmaceutical - we launched an audit and review process at a primary care level.

In order to conduct the patient reviews, a team of specialist nurses were employed by Nottingham City Central PBC.

More than 90% of patients identified by audit were reviewed during the project.

By increasing adherence to the patient pathway and treatment algorithm, as well as improving data quality and recording, the aim was to reduce overall secondary care use for falls and osteoporosis.


  • Practices better skilled at identifying and managing patients at risk of falling and developing osteoporosis.
  • More patients receiving appropriate osteoporosis therapies to manage their condition, in turn helping reduce the risk of fracture and hospital admission should they fall.
  • Practices have a clearer understanding of the services in place to support effective prevention and management of patients with osteoporosis or falls risk and have clear guidelines on referral pathways and treatment protocols.
  • Increased priority amongst participating practices for the systematic and proactive management of this patient group.

By facilitating this link between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry, we boosted market access for all the companies involved, whilst improving patient care and relieving pressure on primary and secondary care.

“While in a previous role, as programme manager at a large CCG, the Oberoi Consulting team supported me to develop and implement Osteoporosis risk registers.

“The audit tool created helped the CCG to improve management of falls risk and osteoporosis in Primary Care.

“Support from the team was excellent throughout – delivering over and above that which was asked.

“Customer service, customer focus and technical expertise are second to none.

Jan Balmer
Associate Director of Integration and Unplanned Care
Mid Notts Transformation Programme

To read the full case study, from GSK, please click here.

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An interview with Shirley Smith, Assistant Director of Joint Commissioning to the NHS Nottingham City Council Clinical Commissioning Group, in which Shirley discusses her experience of working with Oberoi Consulting on this project.