Commissioning Analytics

Our commissioning analytics expertise bolsters the case for commissioning healthcare products and services, while ensuring the best possible care for patients.

We analyse data to develop meaningful insights into patients’ journeys, the problems they face, and unmet needs.

The results of our analysis can be benchmarked against local or national guidelines, analyse prescription patterns, and enable accurate forecasting.

Our analysis can also be used to suggest interventional pathways and better prescribing options to clinicians.

Ultimately, our commissioning analytics service helps people stay healthy and prevents unnecessary hospital admissions.

Case Study

Using Commissioning Analytics to Support the Need for Change

We recently prepared a series of reports that delivered ‘pathway effectiveness assessments’ for a specific disease area.

These were aimed at Healthcare Organisations including CCGs, area teams, health boards and practices.

We analysed nationally published QOF and HES data to produce a gap analysis assessment of the number of patients not being treated to NICE and QOF targets.

The bespoke reports we produced enabled each organisation to compare performance against national data in regards actual intervention (patients treated/achieving target), exception reporting rates (patients not included in QOF reporting rates) and HES outcomes aligned to policy drivers.


  • The analysis we provided presented a clear assessment of unmet needs
  • Our information also outlined the consequences of not taking action, both in economic terms and the effect on patients
  • The reports were used to build support for action amongst key stakeholders

 The information provided by our reports led to business case acceptance and secured funding for new treatment pathways.

To read a case study about a recent Commissioning Analytics project, "CCG Pathway Effectiveness Reports: Leveraging Commissioning Analytics Data to Create Access", as a PDF, please click here.

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