Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Intelligence Data

QOF Data Analysis

There is a vast amount of data available each year from the Quality and Outcomes Framework, both at CCG/LHB and Practice level. To support our Pharmaceutical clients in their development of services and provision of resource to GPs and practices to improve patient care, Oberoi Consulting provide easy to use deciphered data in csv format aligned to the relevant disease area.

The ready useable data ensures sales forces are not spending hours on end manipulating the data but focusing on what it means and how to align themselves more closely with their customer's agenda.

The example below shows how the Influenza Vaccination data for England has been brought into one database, showing the total number of patients vaccinated as well as the number who were eligible and not vaccinated. This was then aligned to further datasets provided by the client company.

QoF Data Analysis Chart

Any QOF Disease Area can be analysed to show patients achieving/not achieving the domain targets.  We are also able to highlight the numbers of patients with Exception Codes and the Disease Prevalence for each CCG/LHB or Practice.

In addition Oberoi provide training to support the roll-out of the data sets  where required.

We have worked with several clients across the Pharmaceutical Industry providing this data in conjunction with training.

We have also provided datasets to Clinical Commissioning Groups to assist in service design and planning.

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