Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

On-Site Clinical Audit

Oberoi Consulting have over a decade of expert experience in working with the Pharmaceutical Industry and designing ABPI compliant programmes. Oberoi Consulting have worked with CCGs and the Pharmaceutical Industry on Joint Working Programmes. An example of which can be found at

Our personnel are highly trained and well versed in all relevant legislation including Caldicott Principles, Data Protection and the latest APBI Guidance

Oberoi Consulting also design and deliver audit programmes for CCGs and PBC clusters and practices.

Our experience spans across all QOF disease areas, immunisation uptake, and non QOF areas such as osteoporosis and falls and NSAIDs amongst others.

Oberoi's unique clinical audit experience combines clinical audit with self learning. The consultancy support is delivered over 2-3 days.

Clinical Audit Learning Modules address clinical needs in patients and the learning needs of both clinical and non-clinical staff. The modules are specifically tailored to individual disease areas.

The documentation and support allows the practice to analyse their current position, check protocols against national norms and implement relevant changes in management.

The clear outcomes include improved clinical management of patients, better record keeping, improved data collection/analysis plus generation of evidence required to support Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

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Manual Clinical Audit Process

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