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Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered


Trial Launched to Ensure Vicki Ullah Wigs are Locally Accessible to Female Cancer Patients

Leading healthcare solutions company, Oberoi Consulting, has announced it is to trial an innovative project which will make the choosing of suitable wigs more locally accessible and comfortable for female patients who experience hair loss during cancer treatment.

The trial has also been designed to raise money for a specialist cancer charity, the Lymphoma Association, which supports people affected by the UK’s fifth most common cancer.

The trial will see a specially selected number of GP Practices in the UK provided with a range of Vicki Ullah wigs, which can be made available to female cancer patients during private consultations with their doctor. Vicki Ullah wigs are NHS approved and patients may be provided with NHS vouchers, which can be used towards the purchase price.

The aim of the trial is to vastly improve the local accessibility of suitable wigs to female cancer patients, and to make them available in a more familiar and comfortable environment where a patient can be supported and treated with understanding and empathy during a sensitive time of aftercare.

Founder of Oberoi Consulting, Kavita Oberoi OBE formulated the idea after learning of the anguish many female patients go through when diagnosed with cancer and then being unable to find suitable wigs locally, whilst also having to deal with the stress of diagnosis and feeling unwell due to the start of chemotherapy all at the same time.

Oberoi commented: "During the most difficult of times when support is paramount, it seems unacceptable that a distressing period in someone's life can be heightened by the lack of availability of suitable wigs when hair loss occurs during cancer treatment.

"The situation was made all too apparent to me when a close colleague of many years found herself in exactly this difficult position recently. I was astonished to learn of the lack of availability in our local area and was saddened to see this add to the understandably high levels of distress my colleague was already experiencing.

"It's a situation I care about deeply and I feel very strongly that it's one that needs to be addressed and improved, and I'm confident that this trial will go a long way towards doing both.

"Having worked closely with GP Practices for many years, it really does seem that the most accessible place for the availability of wigs for medical purposes should be at the local doctor's surgery. Not only does this solve the problem of local access, but it also removes the process from a totally commercially driven world and places it in the hands of caring individuals who understand the sensitivity of the whole situation."

Dr John Cannon, senior partner at Ixworth Surgery in Suffolk, which is participating in the trial, commented:  "I believe this is an important and innovative initiative to enable women in an often physically and emotionally fragile state to receive holistic care delivered in a sensitive and personal way by well known and supportive clinicians with whom they will usually feel very comfortable."

With over 20 years' experience within the wig industry, Vicki Ullah, owner of Vicki Ullah Ltd, said: "It has always been important to us to create beautiful, well-designed wigs for necessity clients. For me it makes perfect sense to have our wigs available direct from GP's. The patient will already have a relationship with their doctor, and this will help them greatly with both the transition itself and their confidence."

Should the trial prove successful Oberoi Consulting intend to launch the initiative on a national basis, and select a group of GP Practices in every local area who would each carry a range of Vicki Ullah wigs for female cancer patients. The selected groups would also be available to receive referrals from other practices.

During the trial period, Oberoi Consulting and Vicki Ullah Ltd will donate £5 from every purchase made at the selected group of GP Practices to leading cancer charity, the the Lymphoma Association. This is viewed as the start of a longer term relationship, where if the trial does prove to be successful and the initiative is launched nationwide, then the Lymphoma Association will continue to receive, what could be, sizable donations following the sale of Vicki Ullah wigs through GP Practices.

Amie Hill, who works for the Lymphoma Association, said: "We are delighted and incredibly grateful that Oberoi and Vicki Ullah have decided to support us in the sale of their Vicki Ullah Wigs.

"As a charity providing information and support to people affected by lymphoma, the UK's fifth most common cancer, we are aware that many women find hair loss to be one of the most distressing and visually noticeable side effects of cancer treatment.

"We hope that this trial will help to make wigs more easily accessible for women going through cancer treatment, and at the same time generate some funds which will help us provide additional support to people affected by lymphoma.