Oberoi Support Services: Dearne Valley Group Practice in Rotherham

GP Practices all over the UK are already signing up to Oberoi Consulting's Service; which is delivering significant improvements within the practices, in both efficiency and monetary terms.

Oberoi Consulting has a splendid record of delivering results, with over a decade of experience in providing such services as clinical audits, clinical systems training, technology solutions and business services to GP Practices, CCGs, Private Healthcare Providers, PCTs, Pharmacy Groups and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Dearne Valley Group Practice in Rotherham

Staff at Dearne Valley Group Practice in Rotherham are calling on fellow practices to follow their lead and sign up to the new service having observed significant results since doing so themselves.

A spokesperson for Dearne Valley said “the Oberoi Service has been excellent and it's enabled us to become slicker as an operation, better organised and more productive.

“One of the main benefits we've seen from the service is the improvement in the practice's data quality.

“Oberoi provided us with a data quality manual which clearly lists, for each QOF area, searches to identify patients who have been miscoded or missed from QOF registers entirely.  The updates we receive from Oberoi on the Business Rulesets mean we can immediately update our templates and practice protocols to include the most recent changes to QOF coding.

“By improving the data quality not only are we improving patient care, but we are also improving our QOF income, through affecting prevalence.

“The practice has found that these improved searches have made it very easy to capture patients who are missing from practice disease registers, which enables us to correct invalid and missing coding which we may have used in the past.  

“Another useful part of the Service is the Oberoi Prevalence Calculator, which has allowed us to predict QOF incomes based on prevalence across all QOF areas.

“As the practice's capitation changes we can use the prevalence calculator to model prevalence and practice income and prioritise areas of greatest interest.

“The prevalence calculator has also been used, in conjunction with the data quality manual, to enable our practice to benchmark where we are in comparison to the rest of the UK and to show, in monetary value, our QOF income at the start of the process and on-going.

“This has also helped the practice to develop better strategies and so prioritise work towards the end of the QOF year; with each GP having different chronic disease areas.  We have also created online patient lists for each of the GPs to review at their convenience taking them directly to the patient records.

“The searches can constantly be run so timely data is always there for GPs to action, without having to look to admin staff to tackle the workload.

“Our GPs have found that they can easily open up their patients' records and code them where appropriate, or even ask for extra investigations.  If our clinicians are away from the practice, colleagues can also quickly access the lists and take necessary action.

“This enhanced data quality aids recall systems and helps improve the health management of the patient.

“The support package comes with many other benefits on top of those we've already mentioned.

“Initially an Oberoi Account Manager came to see us at the practice to ensure we would be getting the maximum value out of the yearly service we had purchased and our partnership with Oberoi.

“From our experience so far, we wouldn't hesitate in recommending the Oberoi Support Service to other GP practices and we're really looking forward to continuing to reap the benefits.”