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We fully understand the needs in Primary Care during these unprecedented times and we are working to provide the most cost effective solutions to allow practices to continue providing care to their patients in the best way possible.

Oberoi Consulting are now working to support GP practices and PCNs nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic with a Patient Triage and Call Answering Service.

The Oberoi Patient Triage and Call Answering Service allows practices to:

  • Strategically Prioritise Key Queries by:
    • Signposting patients to relevant information.
    • Emailing call outcomes or queries to staff where appropriate.
    • Transferring urgent live calls through to the relevant practice personnel.
  • Allows practice reception staff to manage emails from home whilst Oberoi reception staff answer all calls or on overflow.
  • Call protocols be fully dynamic and customised on a daily basis where required.
  • Manage calls with a professionally trained team experienced in Primary Care.

An end of day summary (an example of which is show below) is also provided as part of the service, detailing each call and its outcome.

Example of an End of Day Summary

Time Message Taken Message For Caller Phone Number Address Message Taken By Message Delivery Method
23/03/2020 09:26 Receptionist name Mrs Smith 05555 123 456 24 Some Street,
AB12 3CD
Called to check whether her Diabetes Review with the nurse was taking place next week.
Advised no clinics are taking place at the moment (as per practice protocol) and we will get back in touch
Oberoi Staff Member Name 001 Email to admin team
23/03/2020 09:34 Dr Jones Michelle from Local Pharmacy 05554 234 567 42 Some Street,
Another City
BC23 4DE
Urgent call for Doctor Jones from Pharmacist, they are out of stock of medication for Patient X - as per protocol, call patched through Oberoi Staff Member Name 017 Local patch
23/03/2020 09:46 Reception Mrs Jones 05553 345 678 22b Some Row,
CD34 5EF
Has COVID-19 symptoms, went through the protocol and signposted to: NHS 111 Oberoi Staff Member Name 034 Email to GP and admin

The above table highlights examples of calls; all outcomes would be undertaken in accordance with practice protocols agreed before service implementation.

We can set up the service within 24 hours and work with your teams to set up a triage protocol.

To arrange a call please contact us on 01332 546 920, or email us at admin@oberoi-consulting.com.

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