Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Pharma Industry

Understanding Clinical Systems and how patients are managed using these systems can provide Pharmaceutical companies with a deeper understanding of the consultation process and patient management from the clinicians perspective.

With this knowledge and a customer’s insight many companies have been able to develop solutions and services to support their customers and in turn improve the patient journey.

These workshops have proved invaluable for senior personnel from Director Level to Marketers, Market Access to Healthcare Liaison Managers and Sales Representatives.

With our unique understanding of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Clinical Systems, Oberoi Consulting are ideally placed to provide workshops for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Delegates are able to gain hands-on experience of a clinical system, working through real-life examples by adding consultations and finding appropriate therapy for patients.  They also learn about a selection of tools available to assist with prescribing and the implementation of protocols. In addition, built in performance management systems are explored and we explain how practices audit their data.

Each workshop is designed with the client and Brands in mind.

Typical areas covered:

  1. The Consultation Process

What happens when a GP chooses to prescribe a product?
What options come up when a formulary is displayed?
Can a formulary be edited?

  1. Templates & Protocols

How templates are used in General Practice and how protocols can be attached to templates to drive implementation of guidelines

  1. Searching and reporting

How do practices run audits?
What are the limitations of systems?
What can be audited on the different systems

  • Drug audits
  • Read coded searches for diagnosis
  • Prescribing costs and spend analysis
  • Compliance reports
  1. Secondary Care Data

What is available at GP level?
What can be Integrated into GP data?

  1. Performance Data

In built tools on systems to track QOF Performance

  • Example of a How Am I Driving Report
  • How to work out patient numbers not treated to target from this report and potentially link those to drugs used through auditing on the "How Am I Driving" report.
  • Understanding QOF payments
  1. CCG Reporting

Using GMS Contract to pull data together data for cluster and CCGs

Watch an interview with Jo Crossan where she explains how a better understanding of clinical data can help get more from a clinical system.

Video: Full Interview

Jo Crossan - Clinical Audits and Systems Training

Jo Crossan - Regional Account Manager - Oberoi Consulting

Feedback from delegates from previous courses

“The course gave me an understanding of how the databases worked – we receive enquiries on these so will enable me to respond with a greater insight”

“I will discuss how we can use the knowledge gained with colleagues and where necessary adapt our approach to GPs over the next few months.”

“Will consider how what we learned will shape our strategy”

“This will integrate into the guidance and activities we recommend for the field force over the coming months”