Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Mobile Phone Solutions to Support Medication Compliance

With a range of SMS-based Healthcare projects underway, Oberoi Consulting has recently become one of the key players in this emerging marketplace.

Mobile phones are almost ubiquitous in the UK. Increasing numbers of people use them for messaging as well as voice calls. This increasing trend produces an unprecedented opportunity for Healthcare companies in the UK.

What applications can SMS technology be used for?

One of the exciting things about such a widely used and easily understood technology is that the array of possible applications is limited only by the imagination of the companies involved. Within the wider healthcare industry, potential uses include:

  • Compliance monitoring and enforcement
  • Patient self-monitoring (chronic disease management)
  • Appointment reminders/DNA management
  • Health promotion, e.g. smoking cessation messaging
  • Targeted service notification, e.g ‘flu vaccination season
  • Appointment confirmation/cancellation/modification

What are the benefits?

The benefits that accrue are often specific to the particular nature of the project in question. So, for example, a compliance project would demonstrate better patient compliance with prescribed therapies and accordingly increased revenues.

  • Better therapy compliance; increased revenues
  • Decrease costs to NHS of non-compliant patients, e.g. epilepsy
  • Better patient outcomes through participation in their treatment
  • Additional useful service to general practice for pharmas
  • Better quality communication with patients – immediate and trackable
  • Targeted projects improve nGMS QOF scores for practices
  • Reduce massive cost of DNAs (12.6m DNA p.a., cost to NHS, £250m)
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