Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Point Of Care Testing

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Near Patient Testing (NPT), Decentralised Testing, and Point of Care Testing (POCT) are all interchangeable terms used to describe the testing of patient samples outside the traditional laboratory setting.

New and improved technology means that POC testing can be performed in all kinds of non-lab settings, to provide laboratory quality results at the point of care. This de-centralised testing is best defined as "the availability of a test result at the point of care, when the result will be used to make a decision and take action which leads to an improved healthcare outcome."

By producing immediate results POC testing enables clinical decisions to be taken more quickly and efficiently thus improving patient care pathways and leading to better health and economic outcomes.

From the patient's perspective it's convenient, easier and provides a choice of testing locations in the community thus shortening the time to diagnosis and reducing travel costs.

Oberoi offers a consultancy service to help you to set up your POC testing service. Expert advice is available on all aspects of the selection and sourcing of rapid tests and equipment for your decentralised testing.

We can help you to develop your testing service in many aspects of Healthcare:

  • The management of long term conditions
  • NHS Health Checks and Health Screening
  • Monitoring of therapy
  • Pre-surgery assessments
  • Hospital Admission avoidance
  • Out of hours services
  • Disease screening
  • Step down units
  • Public Health
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Pharmacy Testing

What can Oberoi do for you?

We can provide you with a bespoke total diagnostic testing solution comprising; tests, instruments, service, training, IT support, delivery, logistics management, governance and accreditation and if required, nursing staff.

We can make your life easier by supplying you with all the information needed to set up an efficient and effective service.

You will benefit from our experience in sourcing, designing and delivering total diagnostic solutions. Your service will be attractive to multiple customers. We will source the latest technology for you to use in the diagnosis and monitoring of major health conditions.

We can design and help implement new products into your current practices in order to identify opportunities for your medical diagnostic services.

Product Solutions and Testing Service Design

Oberoi can advise and help to identify, source and deliver the diagnostic products you require, saving time and money. We can source the diagnostic products you require from multiple worldwide suppliers. Instruments, reagents, QC, consumables, or accessories are all available from Oberoi. We have comprehensive IT solutions to capture all test data, including user information, reagents and results.

Training and Implementation

Highly trained and experienced technical and clinical staff can offer training and technical support to you in multiple locations including:

  • Installation, preparation and set up of all instruments
  • Operator training and advanced user training courses
  • Six-monthly update training sessions for new and existing staff
  • Provision of paper and on line training manuals
  • Competency sign off, monitoring, on-going assessment and record management
  • Generation and maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Production of User guides
  • Availability of trouble shooting guides and flow charts

Customer support and maintenance

You will have direct access to the service and support department via dedicated phone lines, email and secure web site.

  • Technical Help Desk
    • All aspects of Instrument and product troubleshooting
    • Applications, pack inserts & material safety data sheets
    • Customer Training - initial and on-going
    • Out of hours support
  • Work Shop
    • Return to Base repairs
    • Pre-Installation Validation, including loan instruments
    • Parts repair
  • Field engineering
    • Emergency breakdowns
    • Preventative maintenance visits
    • Telephone support
    • Additional training whilst on site during visits
  • Dedicated assigned replacement or loan Instruments ensure you can always deliver your service
  • An on-going long term service and support package

Quality Assured

Oberoi will bullet proof your service by:

  • Developing with you a clinical governance framework to meet local standards
  • Participation in relevant Quality Assessment Scheme
  • Providing links to accredited laboratories for support and guidance
  • Advising on QC material and procedures
  • Monitoring instruments OC and calibration across all sites
  • Reporting on performance across all sites
  • Providing access to peer group review software
  • Implementing any corrective action that may be required
  • Maintaining QC and calibration back up files
  • Supplying QC material
  • Controlling access to testing and reporting via password Protection

Support Staff

  • Oberoi will make personnel available to both manage and provide you with a bespoke service.
  • The amount of interaction required between you and Oberoi will be determined by you.
  • The service is flexible and responsive to allow the incorporation of new testing products or service provision in to an existing project

Account Management and Administration

  • We can provide a dedicated account manager
  • We will produce and update Standard Operating Procedures related to products you use
  • We will obtain and update safety data sheets for your regulatory requirements
  • We can advise and train staff on current procedures relating to good laboratory practice and Health and Safety Issues and H&S
  • We can provide you with information to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Risk analysis provision

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