Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Pharma Social Media Workshops

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Social media is a crucial tool in ascertaining vital information on pharma market trends and customer requirements, and when used correctly increases industry knowledge and ultimately puts you ahead of competitors.

The specially designed Oberoi Social Media Workshop 'How Intelligence from Social Media Can Benefit the Pharma Industry' provides a valuable insight in to how you can:

  • Gather invaluable industry & customer market intelligence
  • Generate access
  • Listen to the views of relevant industry commentators & customers
  • Be first to hear of industry and market place opinion
  • Evaluate industry and market place trends& requirements
  • Formulate effective marketing plans & strategies
  • Engage with your marketplace

The workshop will show how social media gets you to the heart of what matters first. And will demonstrate that social media is not about the technology, it’s all about the message & how you interpret and utilise it.

For further details and to book an Oberoi Social Media Workshop, to take place at your company premises, telephone 01332 224 251 or email

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