Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Strategic Planning

Oberoi provides a consultative approach, working with clients to produce Operational and Strategic Plans.

Initial Consultation with Key Stakeholders

Every plan begins with a consultation to gain clarity and understanding of our client's objectives for the plan being proposed. This can take up to 2 days working with the key stakeholders of the organisation.

Consultation process:

  • Developing a framework for the plan.
  • Understanding our client's vision, aims and objectives.
  • Discussing environmental factors and local situation analysis applicable to the practice / PBC cluster.
  • Agreeing the critical success factors.
  • Financial and organisational management planning.

Draft Plan


  • Strategic planning consultant will complete first draft of the plan.
  • Strategic planning consultant will review and include additional documentation from discussions with client on initial stakeholder day.
  • Client reviews first draft and provides feedback for changes to the plan.
  • Strategic planning consultant incorporates feedback and completes second draft.
  • Strategic planning consultant liaises with client to incorporate any additional information and feedback.
  • Strategic planning consultant completes final draft of the plan.
  • Client reviews and signs off the plan as complete.

Implementation Support

Implementation support is available to practices to ensure the plan is implemented.

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