Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered

Pre-Qualification & Tender Documents

Oberoi have worked with many organisations both NHS and non-NHS supporting the PQQ writing process and tender submission.

The PQQ stage is the first stage in the process for those involved in tendering and bidding for contracts.

From our years of experience and knowledge of the NHS, we not only work closely with you to develop a comprehensive and cleared documented PQQ, we review your organisation to draw out areas of excellence, key operational documents and policies and clear competitive advantages. This is critical in getting past the first stage of the tendering process .

At the stage of tender writing we work with your team to develop the most compelling tenders to assist you to secure new business and retain existing contracts.

No matter what your PQQ needs may be, we provide the full range of PQQ writing services and have worked with many NHS organisations in the Tender process assisting them to win bids.

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