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Adrian Giles - Clinical Audits and Systems Training

Adrian Giles - South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Shirley Smith - Clinical Audits and Systems Training

Shirley Smith - Assistant Director of Joint Commissioning NHS Nottingham City CCG

"In my many years as a Practice Manager within a large General Practice I have had to conduct many audits. All of which have taken up many man hours and they were not all successful to my needs. For the surgery to deliver excellent patient care we have to understand and deliver the best possible care, we must ensure that all registers and indicators are up to date.

The local PCT's change the goal posts each year, each year audits become more involved and time consuming but are necessary to ensure correct data held within the patient record."

I was extremely happy to have Mr. David Chan work within my practice to help with this mammoth task.

In all honesty, I was a little cautious at first, simply because my experience in the past with other organizations was not beneficial to our practice and they did not free up my time to do other important work.

David Chan has just conducted an audit on "Over Active Bladder" which was very beneficial to our practice and patients.

The following issues were found.

  • 1. Many patients were found to have the incorrect Read Code.
  • 2. Many patients were found to have the correct read code but did not fit the criteria.
  • 3. Corrections were made to the patient record to Read Code correctly.
  • 4. Patients that were on medication but had stopped were investigated.
  • 5. Guidelines were produced for Clinicians to follow to ensure consistency.

All audits are explained fully and parts that are not understood explained further. Help is a phone call away for any advice. The subject materials are extremely good. The Audit presentation Pack is excellent and easy to use.

This Company also follows up on the audits to ensure that the process has been helpful and to change or re-run audits to the satisfaction of the practice.

I have experienced many Audits from this Company such as:

  • 1. Osteoporosis
  • 2. Heart Failure
  • 3. CHD
  • 4. Diabetes
  • 5. CKD

All have been extremely helpful in our quest to achieve excellent patient care. Additionally evidence based audits folders are available to produce to the PCT has helped with QOF and the PCT demands.

I might add at this point, the Regional Manager and Team are very helpful and requirements from the surgery are minimal. A room and computer are required. There is no intrusion into the practice day to day routine.

I would strongly recommend this Company."

Marilyn Spires MAMS/HCA


Oberoi have been providing South Staffordshire PCT, and formerly BLT PCT, with training for over 6 years.

During this time we have had training on GP Clinical Systems, Clinical Auditing and Microsoft Excel. They have hosted this at their Headquarters in Derby, where the team are really welcoming and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed, they also provide a very nice lunch!

They have also been out to GP practices with us and integrated one of our current projects with their training on the GP clinical system; this made the training very relevant and easy to understand.

Training manuals, which they provide, were tailored to our specific requirements and have been subsequently used as a source of reference for new employees. We also had access to telephone support after the training, this was a bit of a lifeline at times!

Kavita and her team are very professional, motivated and ahead of their game in what they do; we have worked alongside them in a number of projects and will continue to do so.

Genine Riley
South Staffordshire PCT
January 2011


As part of our team development process, our medicines management pharmacists and technicians had identified a general need to further develop their IT skills in relation to the various GP computer systems with which they worked, to allow them to achieve a more efficient interrogation of data in their practices.

Oberoi-consulting was approached to put together a package based on the needs identified by our team.

The training session that followed was accurately tailored, well-constructed and presented, and also delivered with a degree of flexibility to respond to the needs of individuals.

The evaluation following the session concluded that it had been an extremely worthwhile training exercise, that the objectives had been clearly met, and our team were of the opinion that the knowledge gained was very applicable to their area of practice and would be of great value to them in the workplace.

Laurence Tressler
Deputy Head of Medicines Management
Community Pharmacy Clinical Governance Facilitator
Coventry Teaching PCT


We would like to thank David for his help and support with the project over the last few years – he has always been available either in person or on the end of the phone to assist with any queries and has supported us through the process.

Using the software has made our job of identifying those people at high risk of cardiovascular disease much easier and has enabled us to direct our resources to where they are needed most.

Medicines Management Team
East Sussex Downs and Weald PCT & Hastings and Rother PCT


Susan Birch has worked with the practice for a number of years both in the capacity of audit and clinical system training.

The clinical audit and report training has benefited the practice on a number of levels - the practice team is now better equipped to meet the ever changing QOF targets and the increasing demands from commissioning for the retrieval of data from the clinical system.

Myself, as Practice Manager, and the nursing staff have been given the confidence and the expertise to run searches and clinical reports identifying patients across the chronic disease registers to identify where action is needed.

This has allowed the practice to develop effective administrative procedures to improve practice income and patient care.

Janet Burton
Practice Manager


On behalf of the two practice – Heathfield Family Centre and Victoria Road Medical Centre, I am writing to show our appreciation of all the help given to us by your staff members when they came to carry out the audit on "Cholesterol Management".

Both ladies were very professional in their approach and were very knowledgeable about the task they had undertaken. At the end of the audit, they both explained the audit in detail to Dr Raghavan and the practice nurse.

The administrative staff member at each practice was also given training in how she carried out all the searches to complete her audit. Both staff members were very willing to help with any queries that were raised by our staff. Their approach was very friendly and helpful.

I am very grateful to them for all their help in helping us to achieve out goal. I hope they have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with other practices as well.

Kundan Tanna
Practice Manager
Heathfield Family Centre
December 2010


I would like to express my gratitude for the work completed by Susan Birch at our surgery recently.

Susan is both professional, proficient and very apt in her role. She has considerable knowledge on SystmOne and taught me and my colleagues different ways of dealing with reports.

The training was gratefully received by all the whole Primary Health Care Team. This gave members of staff a far deeper insight in the whole process of increasing Practice income, which can only be a good thing!

Thank you again and we would be grateful for your input on any future projects.

Lynn Holland
Business Manager
Little Horton Lane Medical Centre
December 2010


May I express my thanks for the way in which Sue Birch delivered the training and information day to usher knowledge of the system was astounding. All my staff wanted to keep Sue here under lock and key and never let her out in the big wide world again. Please would you pass on their sincere thanks and again mine own best wishes to her for a job very well done.

I will certainly, at my Practice Manager Meetings, pass on the good work that Oberoi Consultants do, and to what extent they have managed to help us achieve a way forward here at Blackwood.

Again best wishes to you all, and I look forward to perhaps meeting you again one day in the future.

Good Luck and Good Health

Lee Gillam
Practice Manager
Blackwood Health Centre
January 2010

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