Here at Oberoi Consulting we pride ourselves on exceeding our client expectations, leading to a wealth of satisfied clients.

Here's what some of them have to say, in their own words.

"I know that if I commission Oberoi they will not only deliver but go beyond expectations time and time again at a price that we can afford and is well worth the investment.

"The relationship really works."

Adrian Giles
South Worcestershire CCG

"Oberoi Consulting has a track record of detailed audits of clinical data.

"The route to better outcomes is to ensure we give the highest quality evidenced-based care consistently to all our patients.

"Oberoi Consulting has a track record of detailed audits of clinical data and reflecting this back to clinicians in such a way to ensure the most appropriate care is discussed and recommended to patients, and to improve consistency of intervention.

"Oberoi audits and decision systems allow this information to easily be at the clinicians’ disposal and the empowered clinician makes the best decision for the patient."

Dr Matthew Fay
GP Principal Westcliffe Medical Practice

"While in a previous role as programme manager at a large CCG, the Oberoi Consulting team supported me to develop and implement Osteoporosis risk registers.

"The audit tool created helped the CCG to improve management of falls risk and osteoporosis in Primary Care.

"Support from the team was excellent throughout - delivering over and above that which was asked.

"Customer service, customer focus and technical expertise are second to none."

Jan Balmer
Associate Director of Integration and Unplanned Care
Mid Notts Transformation Programme

"Oberoi has been providing the Medicines Management Team of South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG, and previously South Staffordshire PCT and Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth PCT, with clinical audit services and clinical system training for 8 years.

"Oberoi have worked extensively with our own medicines management teams on a numerous occasions.

"This has involved both upskilling of our own teams to improve their auditing skills and delivering various clinical audit programmes in conjunction with our clinical priorities.

"Training manuals and support guides provided by Oberoi were tailored to our specific requirements and have been subsequently used as a source of reference for our teams and our practices.

"The remote telephone support has been excellent.

"Oberoi Consulting are professional, motivated and ahead of their game in what they do; we have worked alongside them in a number of projects and will continue to do so."

Genine Riley
Head of Medicines Management,
South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG

"The Disease Register Validation Service provided by Oberoi Consulting gave us concise lists of patients for review.

"The reports provided allowed us to quickly identify the coding and/or therapy that needed to be checked and we anticipate increasing our prevalence rates across all QOF areas.

"The Oberoi representative that visited our practice had a great knowledge of our clinical system and did not need any help whilst she was working here.

"We highly recommend the service."

Caroline Charles
Practice Manager
Staunton & Corse Surgery

"The remote disease register validation service from Oberoi Consulting has enabled the practice to refine our QOF registers, ensuring that patients are recalled for review and maximising our QOF £ per point.

"The queries were easy to install, and the accompanying instructions were clear and easy to follow."

Mr. Imteyaz Sheikh
Practice Manager
Dr Lyall & Partners

"The queries and instructions arrived by email the day after they were requested.

"Excellent and timely service.

"It was an easy decision to make to purchase the disease register validation service from Oberoi.

"The increase in QOF income from carrying out desktop reviews of the patients found after running the searches has more than covered the cost."

Nigel Kenward
Practice Manager
Southwell Medical Centre

"Your intervention has opened our eyes and we are much more vigilant about appropriate coding.

"Every day I work through the list of patients who have been missed off the various QOF registers."

Dr Chanchal
GP, Idle Medical Centre
Bradford Districts CCG

"Oberoi Consulting provided us with the opportunity to have some on-site coaching.

"We opted for the on-site disease register validation service as it provided our staff with an opportunity to have some guidance and coaching at the same time on the clinical system.

"We also found it particularly useful that the Oberoi Account Manager explained why, and how, the patients had been identified and how to go about adding the patients to the appropriate QOF register.

"From the initial analysis, guidance was provided that enabled us to work on the priority areas; ensuring we focused our time effectively resulting in the biggest gains."

Janice Lawson
Practice Manager
Shotton Medical Practice

“As a GP, and QOF Lead, this session has been absolutely invaluable.

"I have much better understanding of the importance of prevalence, accurate coding and how to maximise our QOF achievement.

"Thank You"

Dr Vicary
Sandringham Health Centre